What 2 months of Web security taught me?

About 2 and a half months ago, I started writing about the Internet safety as a part of Google’s Web Rangers contest organized in India and through it I have learnt that how important the security of this virtual world is; I saw & interviewed people, including my friends and most of them didn’t even knew the basics of the Internet and its safety. This made me think and realize that the world I was living in; the people I was living with are utterly unaware of the virtual vices. Along with them, I have learned many other things also that I want to share with you today:

  • Unawareness: As I said above, people are still unaware about the working and security of the web. Even after writing this many articles I still feel that my readers are unaware of some topics, that I have decided to surely cover in the future. Until then, make sure you follow my tips and don’t let any crappy hacker attack you.
  • CarelessnessWhenever I question people about Internet safety, one of their popular answer is “Does it matter?” and eventually, my answer is Yes, but they just don’t care about it. And this careless attitude is the major cause of the increasing cases of cyber crimes.
  • Women does have an Impact: Just like the real world, women have a great impact on the working of our virtual world. They are not minority or majority here, but they are the most popular target in cyber crimes. That will be so shameful for Tech geeks like me if we were unable to protect at least our friend girls, sister or girlfriends even in this small, but powerful world. But I have also realized that we are somehow unable to make any change unless a woman herself works in her uplifting; her self-education & awareness.
  • Some people can’t make passwords: Sound hilarious, but maybe even your password isn’t that secure. As we know, a password is a common 8 to 12 characters code that we use every day, but there are some specified rules that you need to follow for making it secure.
  • Cyber-Bullying is more active: Even today, Cyber-bullying is active but ignored topic that take place every day somewhere and people are unable to take action due to fear and sometimes even by their choice.
  • Fake accounts can be harmful: They may seem harmless; people create them to irritate someone or just for random dating purpose, but if we look at its effect, we will found it as a very dangerous activity.
  • Our actions affect others: We don’t think that our words affect. (It was just a small comment, we think.) But in real, they do! And due to this; due to us, many beautiful souls die. This fact is sad but is still true and we should definitely take action about it!

This whole thing started with my secondary website- Immune Web, you can still visit it and check everything that you need to know about the Internet & its safety.

Do you take Internet Safety seriously? Tell me in the comments!

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