What is life? – Neil de Tyson

One of my ideals, Neil de Tyson answered this popular question that What exactly is life? This question was asked by a Six-year-old during a public questioning event. So, here is the original answer that he gave-

“So — what is the meaning of life? I think people ask that question on the assumption that ‘meaning’ is something you can look for and go, ‘Here it is, I found it. Here’s the meaning. I’ve been looking for.’ That scenario, however, doesn’t consider the possibility that ‘meaning’ is something you create. You manufacture it for yourself and for others.

So when I think of ‘meaning’ in life, I ask, ‘Did I learn something today that I didn’t know yesterday, bringing me a little closer to knowing all that can be known in the universe?’ If I live a day and I don’t know a little more than I did the day before, I think I wasted that day. So the people who, at the end of the school year, say “The summer! I don’t have to think anymore!” — I just don’t know. To think brings you closer to nature. To learn how things work gives you the power to influence events. Gives you the power to help people who may need it — to help yourself and your trajectory.

So when I think of the meaning of life, that’s not an eternal and unanswerable question — to me, that’s in arm’s reach of me every day.

So to you, at age six-and-three-quarters, may I suggest that you explore nature as much as you possibly can. An occasionally that means getting your clothes dirty because you might want to jump into puddles and you’re parents don’t want you to do that. You tell them that I gave you permission.”

I also have the video in which he gave this answer, check it here-

So, what are your views regarding life? Share in the comments below.

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