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tumblr_nha4j0dDtA1t3kx7to1_500Ranking Can’t decide who to Love!

And when we are talking about Love, there are a lot of fictional Love stories out there, but we are looking for some “Real Love Stories that we will be sharing in our next Article related to them. So, if you have a Succesful story, don’t hesitate to share it with everyone using the Comments or our Contact section. And if you think that your story is not the kind that I need, remind that “Every story is an Inspiration for someone”.


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  1. Ide love to share my love story 😀

    I had a really rough start in life and was kicked out at 15. I met Beau not long after being kicked out, he was 17 years old 🙂 he was from Newcastle (which is four hours away from Sydney by train), we started hanging out all though it was a little hard and it was nice. He got me through some really bad stuff and helped me out of a rough patch. We started dating on the 20th of June 2011 🙂 our first date as a couple was transformers 3 🙂 he took me to see it knowing I loved it even though he had seen it! It was sweet 🙂 I know it we had only been together for 2 weeks (dating wise) but I told him that I loved him and, the greatest thing is, he said it back 🙂 I lived in a lot of unstable housing and was always moving, when I had no where to go he would swoop in and save me and tell me to stay with him 🙂 he had saved me so many times. Depression. Hunger. Homelessness. You name it he fixed it (considering he was 17 and still at home with his parents who wouldn’t always let me stay). He did everything for me, for me through my hardest and darkest days. Picked me up when no one else would. After just over two years of doing the long distance relationship (it was hard, but we made it work) i was kicked out of my parents house again, I was 17, I was working and all was great until that day. So I have up. I quit my job and organised a transfer from my Sydney store to one in the Newcastle region and I moved to newcastle in with Beau and his 3 younger brothers, mum and dad. I was working at my new store but was let go due to too many staff. I lived with Beau’s parents for four months, then we decided to get our own place, we moved into our first place together, a granny flat. It was January 2014 when this happened, I had completed my amazing goal of quitting smoking (cigarettes) and I did! Not long after I found out I was pregnant! Beau and I had been together for 2 and a half years now, it was a shock and at first we were a little scared! But once we got into it it got better 🙂 I was diagnosed with PCOS at 15 and told it would be REALLY hard to fall pregnant so the fact that I did was amazing 🙂 Beau and I went to our first ultrasound and once we saw our baby up on that screen we were instantly In love! It was beautiful and we got so excited 🙂 we moved into a new, 3 bedroom house which was perfect for a baby! Our 20 week Ultrasound finally came around and we found out that we would welcome a beautiful baby girl into the world! I was so excited and it was such amazing news 🙂 the pregnancy was healthy! I got bigger and heavier and hungrier and sorer but gosh it was worth it! My waters broke 4 days prior to having her and the nurses at the hospital told me they hadn’t (when I knew they had), we came back 4 days later (the 16th of October at 10.30am) for our appointment and they gave me an ultrasound, there was almost no fluid around her stating that my waters had broke and that I would be induced that day! They connected me to the drip and it went from there. I was in labour for 8 hours but I finally brought our beautiful baby girl into the world on the 17th of October at 12.56am. Her name is Kotarah Rose and she is most precious in my life ❤
    Our love story doesn't end there though, becoming parents wasn't hard, there were some things to learn sure, sometimes we were a little scared but gosh did we love it 🙂 every second with out daughter is a blessing! On March 19th I woke up and Beau had asked me to change Kotarah, I leaned into the nappy box to find a small purple box, completely freaked out I called to Beau and continued changing her (I thought he had hidden it there and forgotten) I pointed to the box and asked him what it was, he told me to open it and went back to the kitchen. I finished changing Kotarah and sat her on the bed with me, my hands were shaking so terribly I could barely open the box and when I did OH MY GOSH did I cry! It was the most beautiful bridal set I had ever seen, I walked out with Kotarah in one arm and the box with the rings in the other, tears streaming down my face, I looked at him and he so ' so will you?' And I said yes and smiled, we hugged and kissed and he put the ring on my finger and it was beautiful!!!

    This is the kind of love you want ladies, where everything matters to him, not just how you look when you're all dressed up, but how you look when you're crying, or sick, or half asleep and breastfeeding your baby in the middle of the night! You want him to love you for who you are! Every flaw and aspect!!! And you to love him just as much!
    We recently celebrated our 4 year anniversary on the 20th of June, we took our daughter to watch her first ever movie (The Minions) and had lunch and did some shopping and it was just a great day 😀
    This is the kind of love you want! Not that fairy tale crap where you meet someone and you marry them the very next day! This is real ❤

    I love you Beau and Kotarah with all of my heart and soul ❤ xxx

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