Love, Around the World! |Episode 1

As promised, I am here with the series of Real Love stories that people from all over the globe has shared with ToM. And today, in this first episode, I am going to present you the story of Shaylee Hall, engaged to Beau Walker and mother of a beautiful baby girl named Kotarah, that her mother call Bubba. It’s such a cute name, but more cute & loveable is her mother’s story. So, here’s it-

After being kicked out at the age of just 15, Shaylee met Beau, he was 17 years old from Newcastle. This meeting slowly turned to a relationship as they started hanging out. For her, this was a little hard as the pressure of being kicked out was still active, but Beau’s love got her through it. Their first date was on the 20th of June 2011 watching the Transformers 3. Beau had seen it before, but he went again knowing she  loved it. And just after 2 weeks of it, they confessed the feeling of affection towards each other.

But as she was still homeless, Beau helped her overcoming Depression, Hunger & Homelessness. He told her to stay with him until everything gets back to normal. Later, they started the long distance relationship when she moved back to her home, but not after so long, she was kicked out again from her parent’s house at the age of 17. Everything was fine until that day, he had a good and working job. She then organized a transfer from her Sydney store to one in the Newcastle region, where he moved in with Beau and his family. They lived at the place for about 4 months, then moved to their own granny flat.

The time moved by and it was January of 2014 when she found that she was Pregnant, it was not long after she had completed her goal of quitting smoking. By this news, they both were shocked at first but later were very delighted. Actually, it was more shocking for Shaylee herself as it was declared that being pregnant was very hard for her when she got diagnosed with PCOS at 15. And now, she had proved them wrong. I think this perfectly shows the power of love. They then moved to a new 3 bedroom house, perfect for their child. The pregnancy was a kind of healthy for her, she got bigger, heavier & hungrier and it was worth it.

On 16th of October at 10:30 am, they reached the hospital for their appointment and the doctors told her that her waters had broken and admitted her for the inducing. She was there for 8 hours and finally on the 17th of October at 12.56am, the beautiful Bubba came to this world. And they named her Kotarah Rose, she was now the most precious thing in their life.

This story doesn’t end there, becoming parents was a completely unique experience for them. Sometimes it also went scary, but above all, they loved it! On March 19, 2015, after waking up, Shaylee went to change Kotarah and found a small purple box in the nappy box, that was shocking. She thought that Beau had hidden it there and forgotten, so without disturbing his surprise, she called him and continued changing. He came and asked her to open it then went back to the kitchen. And opening it was a shocking but also, admiring movement for her. The box had the most beautiful bridal set that she have seen thought her life. She walked out to Beau with  Kotarah in one arm and the box with the rings in the other along tears falling down her face. Looking at her, he asked her, “So, will you?” And she smiled and said Yes with the tears streaming along. They hugged & kissed, Beau put the ring on her finger. A beautiful silence made the movement pause until Bubba broke it with her lovely laughter.

They celebrated their Love story’s 4th Anniversary last week on the 20th June by taking their daughter to watch her first ever movie: The Minions followed by lunch & some shopping.

This is the kind of love you want ladies, where everything matters to him, not just how you look when you’re all dressed up, but how you look when you’re crying, or sick, or half asleep and breastfeeding your baby in the middle of the night! You want him to love you for who you are! Every flaw and aspect!!! And you to love him just as much!“. These were the words of Shaylee regarding her story.

And as she said, this is the kind of Love that we need, better than any fairy tale:


Lots of Love Shaylee Hall, Beau and cute Kotarah with all of my heart. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story of your life with all our readers. And dear readers, please wish for a long life for Bubba on her first birthday that will occur on October 17th, 2015

The drawing in today’s image was from JaesamaDid you like this story? Tell me in the comments below. And you still have a day left submit your own Love story with us. Wait for the Episode 2, coming this week.

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