Love, Around the World! | Episode 2

With a hope that you enjoyed the 1st episode of the series, I am back with another love story from another part of the World. Today, I will be presenting you, The story of Donnie Leeser:

He first met his lady back in the days of his Kindergarten in 1978. They studied together in the same school for years. And the real story started when they first dated in their 7th Grade, but soon at the end of the grade, she broke up. They still talked from time to time and stayed in the same school till the time of graduation in 1991. At that time, they both were good friends. Later, she moved away for the college and he moved from his county to another county in his home state of Missouri. And he got busy in his life.

At the other hand, the lady met a man, they got married and then she got pregnant. But when his husband found about that, he kicked her out of his house. And she had to move in with her parents. Later, they had a divorce as soon as the baby came to this world as the man didn’t want that baby. The baby came to life in 2000. And in the same year, Donnie also got married but his relationship ended in 2001 with a divorce.

This divorce had a lasting effect on his life, he even tried to kill himself. He then checked himself in the hospital with the help of a neighborhood friend she convinced her to check himself in so he was in rehabilitation for 30 days. And stepping out of the hospital, he was finally free from drugs & alcohol.

After some time, he went to a concert at the amphitheater with her mom to see Brooks and Dunn. On the same concert, a young lady came to him and asked if he was Donnie and as he replied in a yes, she told him that her cousin knew him but was too scare to say hi. So she did it for her. Then those ladies came up and sat with he and his mother. He was unable to figure out who that lady was. She looked familiar thought, but he was just unable to remember her. Even she don’t tell her name. But then, she asked for his phone and added her name & number to his contact list. The moment he saw a new name in his contact list, it was an unbelievable movement for him. She asked him to call her after the concert. And he did so, after reaching home and she asked him to come over and he went there.

Now, he, the lady, and her cousin were sitting in the home. But just after some time, her cousin said that she have to leave now but her keys were in her purse and the purse was in the car’s trunk. So. he managed to help with that situation and got the car unlocked and went to the trunk from the backseat. She said thank you and left. And before unbelievable Donnie leave, the lady called him asked him to stay the night. And from the night, he never left her. She was the same lady from her childhood who was kicked out from her house, back in his story.

They got married in 2004, her son was 4 by that time and Donnie was helping to raise him since he was 3. And in 2005, they got their first son together. And after 2 years, in 2007 they got a baby girl in this world.

Coming back to 2015, her oldest son calls him Dad is now 15 and whenever he meet his biological father he calls him by his first name. Their marriage has completed 11 years and has developed a sober & happy family. They will be completing the 13th year of their relationship this year.

I love her and the kids more and more every day. And I am so extremely happy that I was unsuccessful at killing myself. But how I got here I will not change it  for the world because how I got here is what has made me who I am today. Still to this day I thank God for my family and am very great full for being here today. Donnie Leeser.

This was one of the stories we can just imagine and Donnie is so lucky that this was his real one. Leaving or loving him, it was not in her hands; it was etched on her palms. Here’s a pic of this lucky guy:


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Spread Love! ❤

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