7 forgotten truths about Happiness | Don’t forget them again!

Happiness is something that everyone wants in his/her life, few try to buy it and others spend their whole life finding it. So, today I make you remember some forgotten truths about the Happiness. And I am sure that they will help someone to achieve their own happiness.

1. Happiness isn’t permanent, nor sadness is.

Do you remember those movements you don’t want to end? Like your first date or your birthday? I know those movements are so good, but everything has its end. So, this is a fact that you need to remember, not when you are so happy, but when you are sad. If you kept a positive attitude against sadness, you will find it easier to fight. For example, that class test you were not prepared at all or the test you didn’t perform well at; at the end people forget about what happened and everything gets back to normal. So, take those situations as a hard test that you know you can fail, but you will get a chance to gain yourself back.

2. You can’t make everyone happy.

Are you a kind of person who wants to please everyone? I am! And, believe me, this has given me more problems than you can imagine. If you still want, help others, but don’t feel sad if you failed in it. Also, keep in mind that, happiness is the result of a person’s own actions and you can’t change it. In every party, there’s someone who thinks that his party is better. Even if he has never given one!

3. Happiness is everywhere and for everyone.

Remember that Happiness isn’t a luxury that you can’t afford. Remember that childhood rain? I am sure that movement is more pleasing than your luxury pool. So, even a poor person who can get his child a toy or a rich person gifting his child a smartphone. The level of happiness & excitement is same for both of them. Thus, the happiness felt by both of them can’t and shouldn’t be compared. And the happiness is available at all corners of the world, you just need to find it. For example, your child’s laughter can make you forget every problem in the world, even if it’s for a movement, it’s more relaxing that a spa.

4. No one can take away your happiness unless, you allow them to.

As I said above, happiness is the result of your own actions. So, if you believe that losing it is the fault of someone else, you are wrong. You only lose that moment of happiness doing something that makes you sad. Like, how would the feeling that you get when someone reminds you of your bad marks on your birthday? You will just want to beat him out. But doing that will turn your moment of happiness into a crappy fight. And if you choose to ignore him and kept your focus on your loved ones. That moment will last for a longer period of time. So, just think before you take any action, it can ruin your happiness and even others happiness too.

5. Happiness is in Gratitude, not attitude.

So, are you a kind of person who loves showing off his  luxuries to everyone to make yourself feel big, or eventually, make them feel inferior? You may feel powerful for a while, but it will harm your image in a longer run. Ask yourself, Will you like a girl/boy who just talks about himself and says that he is the best? I will not! On the other hand, thanking for everything you have got by a simple prayer or a small donation really makes you feel bigger and powerful. By gratitude, you get the real power to empower someone’s life. Just think, Why do Bill Gates donate his money? It’s not because he just want to help the world because he can. It’s also because even money was unable to get him an utter feeling of satisfaction & happiness in life. And Yes, money can’t buy Happiness, but I am not sure about the Love. 😉

6. Happiness has its own cost, different for everyone.

This sounds ironical as I said above that Money can’t buy happiness. Some of you are like, What are you doing UV? But, believe me, happiness has its own cost and you can’t pay it with any amount of money. If you want to buy happiness you have to pay with smiles and forgiveness. Say Hi, to anyone you meet with a small Smile on your face and forgive everyone who tries to make you feel bad; we never know what’s in their mind. In happiness, the investment is simple, but the result is extraordinary.

7. Happiness is Life!

Think of the world where everyone has a fixed poker face, it’s scarier than a world of duck faces. It’s just a smile that can make every one day brighter. And without happiness your life will be nothing but a prison where your soul is trapped. So, just keep in mind all these points and you will set your soul free forever!

I hope that this post has taught you something that will bright up your life. So, just remember to smile whenever you meet someone.

Stay Happy! 😀

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