What is the best way to grow up?

This question was asked by one of our readers and as a teen it always teases her. And here’s how I do it without actually killing the inner child.

As a writer,  I go to work, do my workout, eat right, I’m responsible and mature to have myself together, but also I know how and when to tap into that beautiful little child within me, exhibiting that imagination, drive and enthusiasm of a kid. I reside happily within my childlike creativity; making up plots and characters and daydreaming about situation and suspense, all the while imagining the outcome of my story.” Okay, do you know what makes us different from other animals? It’s simple actually, we can think (in a compact way), but they can’t. It’s our power to imagine the things and also, make them come real that makes us different. So, PLEASE don’t kill you inner child; your inner human while growing up.

And, Yes I have grown up, but I still have that junior artist that comes out on a single tap. For Sure, we all can do the whole adult thing 24/7, but where’s the fun (or imagination!) in that? So, yes growing up is good, but only if you do it the right way.

Happy Growing! 🙂

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