The Dark Web: What’s the internet hiding from you? | An Introduction!

Are you aware of the fact that you only 4% of the Web is directly accessible and else is considered as “Dark or Deep Web” and the more important thing is that you can use that Deep web to browse the Internet hidden & free from all kind of trackers, hackers & advertisers.

First of all, what is dark web?

Dark web, also known as the deep web is that portion of the internet whose content is not indexed by standard search engines and website.

How big is it?

Some early estimates suggest that the deep web is 4,000 to 5,000 times larger than the normal web. It means dark web covers up to 96% of the internet.

How does it remains hidden?

  • Most of the content is intentionally hidden from the normal internet and is accessible only via special software.
  • It contains some dynamic content which only response to a specified submitted query or accessed only through a form.
  • It has the pages which are not linked to each other prevent Web programs  (who are tended to access connected web page) from accessing the content.
  • Some sites have password-protected resources.
  • Some sites are limited to access their pages in only a technical way.

How can you access it?

  • The most common used way is the access through special software such as Tor.
  • Some part of this web is also accessed by some custom hardware add-on(s) & proxy hacks that are used by only experts to access the deeper contents in Dark web.

What are the uses of Deep Web?

  • Many people use it for the illegal or immoral purpose, but this thing can be very useful for private browsing.
  • Even if your country doesn’t provide you Right to Privacy, you can use this to work privately.
  • In heavily censored countries, people use it to communicate and exchange information. And also to connect with the rest of the World.
  • It prevents people from learning, tracking or using your location or personal data.
  • It’s the largest market of illegal trading from fake passports to the hitman.

This article is issued just for public interest so that people can gain some knowledge about the web they use, nothing immoral.

Tell us what you expect to see in this hidden part of the web in the comments below.

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