What’s my way of gaining inner peace? | It’s more effective than meditation!

If you are thinking that I will present some other weird meditation technique then you are completely wrong. Because my perspective of the technique used to gain inner peace is completely different. People say you should meditate by staring at a candle or completely closing you eyes in a silent room, emptying your mind (It sound hilarious actually) and don’t think about anything, but I don’t think that spending 2 hours in front of candle can provide you some peace.

So, what’s my technique?

According to me, the best way of gaining inner peace is to perform a random act of kindness every day, anything big or small that you can do for some other human being or an animal, it will give utter inner satisfaction. And along that, keep your mind positive, don’t think anything bad about anyone. It’s easy to do when you put yourself in someone else’s boots and know what he is feeling.

So, just aim to do anything good for someone and I am sure you will gain more inner peace than those 2 hours of candle focusing.

That’s all for today, and keep sending your questions to us. Do tell me what you think about my technique of meditating in the comments below.!

Hakuna Matata! 

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