Can money buy happiness? Yes! But conditions apply.

Before I finally answer this question, I want to share the results of the poll that I conducted regarding this question on our social network:


As the numbers say, we can’t actually judge which one is true, but if you will ask me, I have certain conditions that will get you the answer-

  • First, according to science, when a person starts earning above an average estimated income, he starts losing the greed or fun that he thought he will get when he wished for that income. Just like that toy which you wanted most, but you lose interest when you actually get it along time. So, Yes! The Money will give you a kind of happiness which will also be a limited period offer!
  • At the end of life, Money<Life! We spend all our life running after green paper and on our last time, realise that it wasn’t the thing you really needed. Actually, “I wish, I didn’t work so hard” is the second most popular regret that people had on their deathbed, after “I wish I had been true to myself” which simply tells us that what matters in life is not the temporary fame or fulfilment, but the long-run love, satisfaction & Happiness.
  • Whenever I am not sure about choosing between a high paying job and a job I love, I ask myself a simple question that What will I get? If I chosen the “High Paying” job, it will get me more money, more money means more satisfaction, security & power which will lead to a happy & fulfilled life. Right? Wrong! Because that job will also cost me my family, friends & me time along the death of many of my talents & dreams leading to a life which look good from upside, but has an emptiness inside. In the other case, if I got the job I love, I would pursue my dreams & talents, get more time for myself and lead a life which maybe, only maybe is less luxury but way more satisfying & beautiful, both from inside & outside.


In the end, I will just leave you with this quote of Billionaire Steve Jobs, “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me.”

Do you think Money can buy happiness? Tell me in the comments.

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  1. I have been struggling with finding real happiness. Just when I think my life is moving in the right direction financially and emotionally. Curve balls start coming at me from all angles.



    1. Hi Bill, the thing you are facing is actually called “regression to the mean”. There is nothing wrong or right that you can do, life is about ups & downs to keep it stable. So, whenever everything will be going wrong, the right stuff will happen taking your life to its mean stability. And for the real happiness, it’s based on your viewpoint towards it. I am actually doing a post next week on the same, I hope it will help you.



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