The day I died (After Life: Episode 1)

Death was always a horrible thing to think about until I finally faced it, it wasn’t anything like what I expected and there are a lot of things about it that I unexpectedly liked about it. So, in the following series of articles, I am going to unfold my whole experience of dying and more importantly, what happened afterward; in After Life!

Almost a month ago, I was just another student with almost everything perfect in my life. I had a loving family, a beautiful girlfriend and supporting friends, just another thing that I would wish for was a relief from the stressful arithmetic that haunted me. I was already late that day so I just rushed towards my bike as soon as I picked up my bag and started driving. But if that traffic wasn’t enough, my phone’s constant ringing was causing an ache in my head. I know it was either my mom or Avantika and both of them had the same question, “Where are you?” So, I just decided to let it ring until. It was a 15 minutes drive from my evening classes to home on a normal day, but thanks to the heavy traffic that rushed like ants on the streets of Delhi, I had already spent 30 minutes on my route and it was still halfway to home. All due to the zesty feeling of patriotism that we Indians only remember on two, so called, “National Days”. The Republic day parade was over in the morning only, but the patriotism cum craziness of the people was still at a go. That forced them to take over the roads for the rallies. Anyway, I finally reached the -sky apartments and before I could enter the elevator, the phone rang again. I picked it and it was our maid and all she said was “Please come home!”, the tremble in her voice was something very strange that made me believe that something wrong had happened and with the raging heart beat, I rushed towards the 3rd floor and the sight I witnessed was haunting, literary.

Our neighbors were surrounding the main door and pushing them away, I crossed the mob only to see a lady lying on her chest on the floor with a great amount of  blood near her head. For a moment, I lost my consciousness and a strong vibration moved through my spine. It was my mother! I pulled her over, she was bleeding from her head and was unconscious then I just picked her up and ran towards the elevator. The neighbors had already called an ambulance which was there when I reached the building’s exit and they quickly moved her into the ambulance and we just started moving to the nearest hospital. Along our maid the lady from the apartment next to ours was with me too. The strange fear of losing her was killing me, dad was away for his 2 weeks long Pune business trip. I didn’t know what to do, this was the first time I had ever witnessed anything like that and I never wanted to again.The ambulance was on the highest possible speed, but every passing minute felt like a decade to me. The ladies, along the course, narrated to me the whole incident that took place but as I had lost my sense all I heard and processed was the words like robbers, knife and shouting that narrated the whole story of a robbery that turned out to be a fight.

Finally, we reached the hospital and until the doctors took control over her, I didn’t get control over my senses. And after gaining consciousness, I didn’t waste a second to inform the Police. After doing all I could, I sat outside the emergency room, constantly staring at the red light placed on the top of the doorway. I have been at the same hospital when my aunt was admitted there and the people sitting beside me were also somewhat familiar, but still the whole hospital felt like a whole new world. At last, the light turned off and the doctors came out. Watching them, I rushed towards them like a kid towards candy. She was safe! Her head was hurt by something hard, maybe the wall while fighting with the robbers to save her house, which caused some heavy bleeding causing her to lose the consciousness. I think all of this happened when she was constantly calling me and in my worry, forgot to lock the door properly, giving the bugs a chance to move in and do their thing. I now seriously regret not picking up that damn phone when the first time it rang. It is now pushing me into the center of all the guilt which unfortunately would be a lot bigger if the maid had not reached the house at the time; something wrong could have happened today. The next minute, my uncle and aunt reached and assured to handle everything else. The big dose of anesthesia was enough to make her sleep until the next. As the whole thing had affected me strongly and knowing that she was out of danger now and someone else was there to take care, I managed to convince my mind and started home. I got out of the hospital and started finding an auto but as  it was already 11:30, there was no way that I was going to get one. So I decided to walk the short distance on the empty-bumpy Delhi roads. As I continued my walk everything that had happened today was flashing before my mind, Dad was already informed by the police and I didn’t have the courage to talk to him so it could wait until the morning. Right now, all I needed was a bed on which I could just fell down and let all my tensions and problems flew into the eternal darkness. But the day wasn’t over yet, the fate had something completely different planned for me.

I got the needed slept but… without an option of waking up. As I was walking around the dark corner in that ghost silent pushing my dark slippers against the concrete road, a voice hushed towards me very fastly, at the speed that before I could take an action, I was on the ground. My whole world dismissed just within a quarter of second, I saw was a Bolero that came towards me and then there was a bang that left me bleeding to the hell. My heartbeat raised to its highest and I finally left the human world. The doors of the jeep opened and three men and a woman (if I remember correctly) came out. What happened next is even more strange & disturbing. Now I know what all that sadness on the death bed waiting for the death feels like. I was waiting for a ray of hope that didn’t come when I was bleeding the life out of my head. And finally, the unexpected happened! The got back in Bolero and it moved towards me. I felt like Satan was coming towards me in his chariot. Believe me! It was the scariest thing you can ever imagine

Did you like the first episode of my story? What do you think would happen to my mother when she finds out? Do tell me in the comments below.

Click here to get a sneak peek to the second episode coming out next Monday.


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