Why Suicide Bombers aren’t Afraid of Death? | Here’s the Answer!

Do you guys still remember the table of 2 that you were taught in the Kindergarten? I.E. 2 X 2 = 4, 2 X 3 =6… — I am sure you do. But what’s the reason behind that? Why do you still have it fixed in your brain? The answer to this is something Doctors call “Permanent Memory Connections”, they stays with us even when we lose most of our memory. And this is also the same technique that all major military groups use to fix the patriotism in their soldiers after a little brain-wash. Which is the other group that uses the same technique but in a different way? The Terrorists!

When a newbie joins a terrorist group, the very first thing that he faces before even the training is the brain-washing which aims to clear all material stuff and connection towards them. And that is followed by the love of their cause because you have to fill that empty space with something else so why not Jihad? They are taught, from the very first moment that they have to DIE (not to fight) for their cause which is generally the establishment of terror that is said to turn into an establishment of a single religion world that will work according to the ideas of the terrorists and their masters.

Take the story of a man named Muhammad for example, he joined ISIS when the group had invaded his home nation and replaced the republic with the terror ruling. For him, it seemed the only option to give him a life worth living (which it’s not) so leaving his family & friends behind he moved to the ISIS where he learned everything he knew about the globe from their viewpoint and that replaced everything he knew before. He was 7 years old when he took this action and the next 15 years of his life were just the same. Every day he followed the same routine, learnt the same techniques, received the same ideals and constantly empowered the same patriotic (in a way) mindset. Till the day of action came, he was already eager to die because he knew that with his death, thousands other people will die too and also, that this will help their brothers to take over the world. He was among the most enthusiastic ones. When he reached the planned location, his brothers took out most several bomb explosions and mass killing while he made his way to the city’s most populated square. He was wearing a black tuxedo hiding in it a powerful bomb which has the capacity enough to demolish a shopping mall. His eyes were blood red. The innocents around him had no idea that this walk is their last in the park or this is the last time they held the hands of their loved ones or that this was their last day. He moved his hand to the red button placed under his right middle pocket. It wasn’t that he didn’t have a feeling of fear from death! But that feeling was an ant in front of the elephant commitment. He pushed it. In a matter of seconds, his body burst into pieces that you can’t put together even if you tried all your life. Along that, thousands of others who were unknown of what was happening lived their last breath, surely not imagining getting killed in a bomb blast. Some of his partners also got killed during the attacks but his death left no sign of an existence of him. 3 hours passed by and the social networks were flooded by #JeSuesParis and other supporting hashtags which anyone and everyone else was busy posting and at the same time another Muhammad knocked the ISIS’s door with a resume in eyes which were shouting “Prepare me for the death.”

It was all a matter of mindset that differentiated a committed terrorist from an average man and showed a similarity between a committed terrorist and a committed businessman, both of these’s commitments changed the world in a way. And it’s all up to you if you want to change the world by destroying it or by improving it. Rest was the case of psychology, which is explained briefly above.

Do you also think this Mindset should be destroyed first? Tell me in the comments. And don’t forget to share, like & subscribe for more stuff like this.


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