Who will you hire? Learn what that below-average application is hiding.

For a moment, imagine that you the hiring manager of one of the giants of the business world and your job is to hire the people who are best for the jobs you’re offering. After a random selection of candidates through an evaluation exam in which only a few people participated you got two final candidates to select from. At the time of the interview, both of them answered the same questions which reveal something about them & their lives. And now it’s up to you which one you are going to select. So, here they are:

Candidate 1:

What are your qualifications?

I have graduated from a good college and a major degree in computers.

Tell me about your circle.

My parents, both of them are qualified professors in the same college I have graduated from and they love me a lot. My friends and the places where I have worked earlier were both satisfying and I came here in search for better experience.

What are your weaknesses?

I must admit here that even though my good time management skills my mind tend to force me to procrastinate which wins sometimes. But I am constantly working on it and my procrastination tendency had already reduced from 20% to 7%. I hope that you can understand and have experience the same human tendency.

Candidate 2:

What are your qualifications?

I joined the largest college of my city but didn’t finish it. So, till now I am a high school graduate. But I like working with computers.

Tell me about your circle.

My parents left me for adoption when I was young. I don’t have many friends from my workplace because I constantly change my jobs, which is clear from my resume.

What are your weaknesses?

I am suffering from an uncommon from a brain damage known as Dyslexia which makes the things harder for me to learn, it’s also known as the learning disorder.

Final decision:

Till now, it must be clear in your mind that the Candidate 1 who has a degree from an esteemed college with a great family background and almost no weaknesses is a better selection the Candidate 2 who’s college drop-out Dyslexia patient who constantly changes his jobs.

So, if you choose the Candidate 1, congratulations for getting a great employee for your company. But if I had this choice I would have chosen the other one. Why?

Because his name is STEVE JOBS! 😉

Did you also think of choosing the Candidate 1 like the rest 97% from our social poll? Tell me in the comments. And don’t forget to like, share & subscribe for more stuff like this.


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