It’s Kind to be Cruel |Hitler’s Philosophy| Here’s What We can Learn if We Break Our Stereotypes

We all know Hitler, Right? Yes! But we know him only from his mass killing degree. Most of the people miss the philosophical side of people like him which I unfolded in his autobiography, The Mein Kemph (My Struggle). He was the man who killed over a million people in his lifetime and the only man who was able to defeat him was Hitler himself by committing suicide with his wife.

One way think that he was the cruelest of the all, but logically thinking, still the thing that’s more cruel is the nature. It kills billions of people every year through the actions of its power and no one ever got a chance to complain. So according to Adolf, in his autobiography he’s still kinder than our mother nature. His claim “I do not see why the man should not be just as cruel as nature.” is enough to convey his mindset and prove Hitler kind, at least, kinder than the largest power on the globe. You may find me mad, but he’s one of my inspirations not because of his dictator mindset or mass killing ability, but because of his determination, self-control & empowerment over others. He was a unique man & we have a lot to learn him, only if for once, we forget his cruelty and focus on his way of working. I mean, not every person can express power over such a huge number of people so efficiently.

The main aim of this article is not to empower Hitler, but to make you realize how much we can learn from people like him if we break their negative stereotypes and focus on the things we can learn from them.

Whose negative stereotypes are you going to break? Tell me in the comments. And don’t forget to like, share & subscribe for more stuff like this.



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