How & Why to Love Death? | And Why You Don’t Need That Power of Immortality?

Immortality is the most desired super power all over the world, not only in the humankind but also the mythological characters we know desired it. Even after this much demand, I don’t believe it’s something you may wish for. And I am going to explain you how.

The truth actually is that you should desire & love the universal power of death. Nothing is immortal at all and as Sir Neil Tyson says, “Even Stars have to die someday”(That’s what I am gonna write on my gravestone). The Death is the only thing that joins every living and non-living thing in the whole universe. For me, it’s the most honest thing that one can’t & shouldn’t deny. Let’s just imagine if you (only you) were immortal and had the ability to live forever no matter what, still the rest of the people will die. (If they are not going to losing you, you are going to lose them anyway) Everyone you do or can know will leave you someday no matter what and when you have completed all the desires from you bucket list, you will still have time left, actually, an amount of time that’s never going to finish. The lack of time to love, to explore and to live is what makes us alive. Nothing will be of any value if it’s going to stay there forever. We even lose interest from our iPhone when a newer version of it comes in the market, but the only difference is that the old iPhone died, it don’t have to suffer for death that isn’t coming anyway if it’s immortal.

Even our planet, we are caring it because it’s dying. So, eventually, it’s not the death that is to be feared from, but the life that you’ve or are going to live. If it’s a life that is worth living. If it was a life whose end can make you immortal. I too want to die (not soon) because it would be the time when I’ll be valued the most, the time when my absence will make a difference which couldn’t happen in my presence. I deal with it as my life’s evaluation test whose result, if I passed it will be death and if failed, will be a life that no one should live.

In the end, I can only advise you to live your life at it’s full before its end leaves you empty.

Did I manage to affect your thoughts about death a bit? Tell me in the comments. And don’t forget to like, share & subscribe for more stuff like this.


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