Get Material Design UI for Chrome Today! | No Downloads

Google has planned to get Chrome its Material makeover next month on April 8, but still if you’re the sort of person like me who just can’t wait, here are the steps that you need to follow to get your chrome a material UI. Also, these tricks currently work only on Chrome for Windows or Chrome OS, not Mac.

Material Settings

This is a simple one, just enter chrome://md-settings in your Omnibox (Address Bar) and you gift yourself a new settings tab. As this is still a beta, you can’t use all the features like the wallpaper button  which is still inactive.

Try it and you will see this:


Address, Bookmark Bar & Downloads

To get these features, you need to manually enable the flag to get the new look. To do this, follow the steps:

  • Enter chrome://flags
  • Find ‘Enable Material Design downloads’ (use Ctrl+F) and choose the enable option.

To get any flag feature activated, you’ll first need to relaunch the browser for it to take effect, but before you go that follow the next steps to save time.

  • Now, search & enable ‘Material Design in the browser’s top Chrome’ to get over your snoozy address and bookmark bars
  • Now restart the browser and get yourself a material design dose!


Material PDF Viewer and Policy Page

I’m not sure you may need this, but you can simply get a material design PDF viewer and Google’s Policy Page in chrome just by enabling “Material UI for PDF” and “Material Design policy page” in the Chrome’s flags section (chrome://flags).

Bonus: Dark Incognito Mode

Following the above steps will automatically add this feature to your Chrome. You just need to open a new Incognito window to enjoy this dark UI which is helpful because the earlier versions of chrome didn’t have much difference in the look of a normal and incognito tab.


We will get completely new Google Chrome soon, but until then you can use these tweaks to fulfill your zest. Did you like this new Chrome? Tell us in the comments. And don’t forget to share this with other Chrome users!


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