The correct way to fight negative thinking | Don’t fight at all

How many times have you failed to throw all the negative thoughts popping in your mind every then & now?

If I am not wrong, everyone faces this situation sometimes when he just wish to kick these negative thoughts out of the planet. Over the time, studying about it, you will easily understand it isn’t that hard. The technique I use to win this fight against negativity is what I am going to share with you today and it’s not fighting them with positive thoughts, but not fighting at all. Before moving to that technique, you should first learn why these thoughts occur at the first place. You may already know our brain is made up of neurons whose working makes us able to think. Their electrical network makes our brain able to think. Our brain is the place where every good, bad or neutral thought pops up and after a time lost itself in the infinity, but only if let them to and don’t start playing with them.

This is what we are supposed to do when we come to the technique. Think of it like an internet ad that’s staring at you while you are browsing through your mind’s stream. Both of us know that this ad will only have an impact if we click on it. If you just let this ad (negative thought in this case) come and go and look at it like a random action of neurons, you will easily ignore it and focus on the stuff you should focus on until this too gets lost in infinity. You can do this to not only one but every thought that will cause trouble in your mind by simply minding your mind’s business.

Now face it, you can’t fight your own mind’s action with your mind, all you can do is the let it do what it wants and don’t react because only then it’s making an impact.

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