Who Do We Fall In Love With?

Just whenever I start to write about topics like love, life & happiness, her face pops us into my mind from nowhere which made me think that why she’s the one and no one else. In a population of about 8 million why all of us only fall in love with only a single person whose place no one else can ever take.

As it goes in the Shakespeare’s poem “All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances…”
, the life you are living is that movie or play and you are its lead character and its director too. In order to get it performed in the perfect way, we keep on looking for the best cast which eventually includes the best heroine. It’s somehow programmed in us, we already have an image in our mind of the soul-mate with which continuously match every single person we meet before finally meeting that perfect actress for the role.

When many of us find someone closer to their demands, they try to manipulate her into the perfect character they are looking for which is just unfair. Love can’t be about perfectness when it’s imperfect itself. And the act of showing love to the person you aim to manipulate according to your demands is just selfish. Our lack of perfectness is what makes us human and when someone else accepts our imperfectness that’s love. And the one who perfectly covers up our weaknesses, one with whom we make a perfect human, our other half is the one we fall in Love with.

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Today’s featured image was from our friend, Nina. Follow her for more beautiful pictures on Instagram.



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