I Don’t Need a Reason to be Good with You | Here’s Why!

Which day will you consider the most memorable day of your life? Mine is the day when for the first time, I saw her and everything around me slowed down. From that day to today, we have travelled a long path, hand in hand. She’s that crazy creature that one keeps looking for his whole life, but I guess I am lucky. Sometimes we sit together when she asks me the questions, questions that are from the other world whose answers are many times sources of my inspiration. Just another day she asked me why do I care for her? It’s like asking the sun, why do you shine? I was like, it’s my duty.

But actually, I don’t have a true answer to her question. Eventually, I also don’t need one. That’s what I need to tell her and a lot of other people who stand beside me whenever I need them. The reason is that I and everyone on this planet have no need for a reason to be good with anyone who is humble, kind and human.  The same support and happiness that they give me, I am giving them back in the form of love & caring; they deserve it.

Here, I want to request everyone reading this to STOP finding a reason for anything you want to do. You don’t need a reason to care, share and live or to follow your dreams, doing what makes you feel good and living a life that isn’t the same as anyone else’s. You should do the things you know only you can do, no matter if there’s a reason or profit behind it until it makes you feel… good.

This emptiness and lack of reasons are what I call Life and this gives us a reason for our existence. We are born to do stuff without finding a reason other than feeling great to do and if you are still confused, think the reason (if you have any) for which you started reading this article. That’s what life is about the reason you do anything doesn’t remain the same after it’s done.

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