Why freedom of choice is important for an artist?

“Don’t bound yourself with a Topic”

I just received a fan-mail last night asking me to write about laughter which reminded me on my school teachers who used to give their students a topic and ask them to write about it. Though they liked my work, but I always felt like they lacked something. Now, I realize that it was the inspiration that they lacked. I always wrote them using my creativity, knowledge and imagination, but nothing ever inspired me to write them, I was somewhat bound to write. From this I understood the real difference between creating art and just writing. I learnt this when I finally stopped writing about just a topic (i.e. gaming & tech) in my blogs, books and articles and started writing the things that wished to be written about. Also, this can be the reason for which the idea of Theory of Mankind came to my mind.

We all have things and topics that aren’t bound to a limit of one group but varied fields that inspire us to give something an existence. To give birth is to create art. And it’s not about ignoring the topics that you are given like laughter you never know what it has for you until you give it a chance. Just like this article which was supposed to be titled as “Why to laugh when you are mad or sad?” but lead me to write about this.

Learn why you need to stop finding a reason to do things that are important!

This freedom of topics or the freedom to learn from topics which feel out of syllabus is what makes you a true learner and moves you to the state of being a master artist, the state of being brave enough to be crazy.

So, did I manage to wake any sleeping artist? Tell me in the comments. And if anyone still want that laughter article to be written, don’t forget to subscribe to our mail list.


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