Living for the future | This can help you tackle all your excuses!

What is your biggest excuse for not doing the thing you are doing right now? Keep that excuse in mind because today I will try and fight that excuse. No matter how big or important not doing that thing feels but when you will get the results, you will see that the story wasn’t what you thought it to be.

Some of the most common excuses have the common backbone which is the though that it don’t matter for me or in other words, the thing isn’t worth for me now. So does this happens when you sit to study, work or do whatever seems important? If yes, you’re very lucky because you can tackle it easily by finding the reason you have to do it. The reason which is bigger, more powerful than all your excuses.

Remember: you are doing not doing your job, study or struggle for your friends, son, daughter, parents, wife or even for the present you, but for the future self, who would thank you or get angry at you for the actions you take today and more for the action that you won’t take today.

It’s your decision, you can either work really hard and make him proud and thankful for his younger self or you can just let your excuses take away his everything and leave him pitying, disgraced and disappointed from you.
Keep in mind that “The only tomorrow you have is the one that you create today” and start at the moment to make your 22, 35, 50 or 80 years old self, thankful to you.

Love! Live! Inspire!

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