The Unfriendly Visit | A Disturbing and Emotional Short Story

It was around 3 in the morning when my wife woke me up. From her facial expressions, I knew somethings was wrong. We were still lying on the bed and she signaled me not to say anything. Just a second later, the room’s door opened and a heavily built man around 6′ high entered. He moved slowly towards the cupboard and started looking for something. I had no doubt he was a burglar when he placed his knife on the table. Soon after picking all the valuables, he left closing the door.

Meanwhile, my wife was trembling with fear. I asked her to calm down but only I know how fast my heart was beating at that time. We lived in the outermost and newly built part of the city and the cops as expected assured to be there as soon as possible which I knew wasn’t less than half an hour. I didn’t have that much time, our kids were sleeping just in the room next to ours and if they woke up he would do anythings to silent them. As I moved towards the kids’ room my brain thought of Laura, I don’t know why but her image  kept coming back to my mind. She was the most beautiful lady I have seen through my life. She was also funny smart and everything you could imagine for your dream girl to be like.

The light was already lit in their room and I could hear the low voice which I was sure to be some death threats being given to my kids. I heard some steps, maybe he was coming out, I quickly rushed behind the couch. A couple of shadows came near the door but didn’t open it fully. I was open enough for me to peek in. I saw two of them inside and one with a gun. They were debating about whether to kill the house owners or not. My heart was trying hard to come out of my chest and it almost did come to my mouth when my little one, Angeline started to cry. One of them rushed to quite her and the other was still busy in looking for something valuable. I felt that was the moment and I had to do something to save me and my family. I was always the one being bullied all my school life and had no idea how to deal with any of what was happening that moment.

A voice I think came from inside me, I felt it is a little womanish, but I rather focused on what it told me. I said that it would only take a second for them to make my kids dead. I knew that if I didn’t move now, I would regret it my whole life. And the voice was encouraging me to do something quick. I smash opened the door, the taller one of them put a gun on my daughter’s head and the just turned around to look towards me. Maybe before turning, he was looking for something to silent my children, even now he was holding a duck tape in his hand. His knife laid just above the edge of the bedside table, not more than an inch from me. And just then, something, I don’t know what maybe that voice mad me pick it up and place it on the nearest burglar’s neck. The situation was very tense now. The taller one had my daughter’s life in his hand and I had his partner, maybe someone more than a partner. I felt that way because he looked really scare with the knife around his neck. For a minute, none of us moved. I had no idea what to do next. Both my kids were looking nervously towards me as tears were on the corner of my eyes.

Though the situation was somewhat under control, I am sure I would have lost at least one of my loved one that day if the police didn’t break the silence. Hearing which the burglar nervously dropped his gun which my little lady slide towards me by her foot and even before I could pick it up, police was all over. They had failed and we were saved. A feeling of relaxation moved through my spine like never before. It was already 4 when I looked at my watch. The dim sun rays flashed on our faces and that everyday sunrise looked better to me than those in the movies. The police left soon and asked me to get to the station next day. We moved back to the house. I told my kids to wait in the dining as I moved to get Laura. It was strange that she didn’t come out of the bedroom the whole time. My kids’ bright-faced dropped on hearing what I said, a strange vibration I felt like left my body. I didn’t know what was wrong. But when I opened the bedroom’s door, I found the bed empty and lights off. Just some sunlight was coming from the not properly shut curtains that directly beamed on my wife’s photo. Written under it was Laura Benjamin 1985-2014.

She was murdered by a burglar two years ago. And she came back to save her loved ones.

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