Yes! I am crazy and you should be too | Here’s why!

On the scale of 10, how will you rate your craziness? Mine is the mountain gorilla because for me, it’s the stage of living with super powers and who don’t need them?

Just think about the crazy (in medical terms) people’s mind like a video game in which some have to face a scary land and others their childhood from which many don’t want to come out. How beautiful is it just being able to think like that? Many of you have already started suspecting me to be one of them, but I or no one on the earth really does care about it. How much care and attention do you expect from a population who even suspect god?

Anyways, who don’t want to enter the fictional world of Harry Potter or Narnia? (even for a moment) And we have to confess that all of us, now or then travel into one of these worlds, maybe not physically, but in our daydreams or the books we read. This according to me in the craziness; the state of stopping to run from our wondering mind and travelling along it to the place we know don’t exist. People in asylum go mad not because of depression or something like that but because the real world has stopped engaging their interests and their minds need a new place, no matter good or bad to run to. This craziness is also that secret weapon that writers like J.K Rowling uses to create worlds like Hogwarts; by switching to the mode of thinking that have no prejudice or borders and make the things, creatures and places that can never exist. In other words, you can’t create a character like Dumbledore, Zelda or Minions if you aren’t crazy enough.

All this isn’t only about travelling to these dreamlands from time to time which will keep you sane & human, but also about turning them real. How, you may ask? By writing, painting or programming them to life.

So, which new world are you giving birth to? Tell me in the comments!


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