Shah Rukh Khan’s Ted Talk | King Beyond Bollywood


“I sell dreams, and I peddle love to millions of people,” expressed Shah Rukh is his out of way performance.

Titled as “Thoughts on humanity, fame, and love”, Shah Rukh Khan, the king khan of Bollywood’s first ever Ted talk went online this week and it was as magnificent as the Khan himself. More than anything, it was a big surprise for the population of the Internet as the stage of Ted is famous for talks given by prestigious writers, saviors and the scientists of the world and having such a big actor there was something Ted don’t usually perform. TED stands for technology, entertainment, and design. The organization get their speakers to perform talks which last 18 minutes or less.

Of course, the way he performed and talked expressed his smartness and charisma perfectly. As the Ted’s official website quote him, “With a fan following that runs into multi-millions, Shah Rukh Khan is at forefront of the Indian film industry and continues to rule at the box office in India.”

Before delivering his lecture, SRK, who will host the TED Talks India, had expressed, “For years, I’ve been a huge fan of TED Talks.”

When the whole world was busy reported SRK as the most popular speaker of the year, speakers like Serena Williams, Elon Musk, and the Pope witnessed bewildered feelings of this man with touched beyond the life that he has in Bollywood. Even though there were many who didn’t know who he was his words combined with his amazing wit and sense humor awed all of them.  He showed us, that other than being a good actor, he was a perfect speaker too who was honest with his audience and work taking as an example, him expressing his views on aging as: “Humanity is a lot like me, it’s an aging movie star, grappling with all the newness around it, wondering whether it got it right in the first place and still trying to find a way to keep on shining regardless.” he said.

Aging with Humor

For many, it was a moment of knowing people from the age set of their fathers, uncles or teachers but in a way which can be called beautiful.

He went to talk about the failure that he witnessed over his Ra.One which he thought was going to be a revolution in the Bollywood but expressed it as a lesson that will keep him moving. People came to know about his life changing decision of his late 40s which was to begin using Twitter which turned the world upside down for him opening a whole new window of vision. “Everything I said took a new meaning. Everything I did, good, bad, ugly, was there for the world to comment upon and judge.” he explained.

He didn’t even shy out when he came out to talk about the moment when his 15-year-old son Aryan’s fake intercourse video was leaked online. It was something he had maintained silent for a long but at Ted, told everyone how his family dealt with it. He explained this miserable tale with a humorous start asking if Abram (his youngest son) was a love child of Aryan

Other than major lessons and mistakes of his life. In just 17 minutes he took the listeners to a tour of his life from the time he grew up in Delhi to when his dreams came true along with emotional moment of him remembering the time he lost his loving parents.

Talks about the Talk

However, as per our Indian habits, it was not only the Ted Talk that went trending but its trolls too. While he talked in the world’s biggest platform for English speakers and thinkers. The Facebook surfaced his BA Economics DU marksheets with 51 marks in English. It wasn’t the first time that an actor’s marksheet made it to the fans but its timing made all the difference and began a line of trolls including tweets in which many individuals claimed to have better English than the latest Ted speaker. It was released by Du Times’s Facebook page.  But what happened in the past remains in the past. In today’s growing world a simple sheet of paper isn’t enough to decide the future of any talented individual. And SRK explained the same when asked for comments by Media, silencing his trollers.

Meanwhile, Shah’s TED talk isn’t something that we can let go unnoticed. His sheer amount intelligence and tactfulness is what this talk is representing.

Charms? Check!

“I’ve learned that whatever moves you, whatever urges you to create, build, whatever keeps you from failing, whatever helps you survive, is perhaps the oldest and the simplest emotion is known to mankind, and that is love. You may use your power to build walls and keep people outside or you may use it to break barriers and welcome them in. You may use your faith to make people afraid and terrify them into submission. Or you can use it to give courage to people, so they rise to the greatest heights of enlightenment,” the actor said.

Concluding his efforts, he turned out to be the funniest speaker we have seen on that stage in a while who kept blowing his audience’s minds away whenever he could with smart punches filling up the gaps in his talk. As it’s believed and motivated in the TED network, the public saw the other side of the larger than life movie star, the side which one can’t really hate but can easily relate to and understand that regardless of how much we came come across his philosophical side, he’s one such show stealer who can turn every event in to a light-hearted and emotional full stand-up act.

TED Talks India: Nayi Soch

After the talk, our expectations are sure to go up and for that, the Star India has got us covered with their upcoming TV series which will be hosted by no one other than Shah Rukh Khan. The program will air on Star India and marks the first-time TED is collaborating with a major network to produce a TV series featuring original TED Talks in a language other than English—Hindi.

As quoted on the Ted’s official blog, “It’s incredibly exciting to be bringing TED to India in this form,” TED curator Chris Anderson says. “The country is teeming with imagination and innovation, and we believe this series will tap into that spirit and bring insight and inspiration to many new minds.”

“The sheer size of Star TV’s audience, with more than 650 million viewers, makes this a significant milestone in TED’s ongoing effort to bring big ideas to curious minds,” adds Juliet Blake, head of TV at TED and executive producer of the series. “Global television is opening up a new frontier for TED.” Adding up to the hype of the talk. Shah Rukh Khan has gotten everyone very excited and thanks to Ted that this time we’ll be getting something amazing and useful unlike the cliched movies like ADHM.

Have you seen the original talk? If not, what are you waiting for? You can check the original talk at the Ted’s website or by clicking here. 

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