Good Morning, Youth!

The legendary Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam lived and died with a dream of a nation homing a developed population. He dreamt of a future with people like us, the youth having all the best resources is making the planet a better home. We’re a mere 30% of the population today but we’re the 100% of the tomorrow which is yet to come.

What I want this rant cum speech to be is a wakeup call for each individual listing to me. I desire that every one of my age and younger thrive not to be someone on TV, but themselves. A new Goutam, Muskan, Riya an individual who won’t be misled by any of the distractions and be an ideal on his own. A nation never was and never will be without its youth. As goes the words of great Bhagat Singh, it is beyond the power of any man to make a revolution, we must work together patiently each day in our respective fields to bring out a great change as a whole result.

The thoughts of development in a country stuck at developing level from centuries may sound irrelevant and ignorant but can’t be left unconsidered. Waking up each day protesting against Government while always keeping distance from politics, complaining about Sportspeople while forcing you mates to make the “SAFER” choices and looking for excuses how not to write that speech, leave that project or delay the meeting is what we’ve switched to instead of doing what we as the building blocks of the house called Earth are supposed to do.

The focus point here is how we can beat the situation of the misery we’re keeping ourselves in. We always make commitments we can’t keep to change. Discussing the role of youth in nation’s development regarding the help they can provide to grow an economy, reduce pollution or generate innovation is pretty useless when the majority of it needs an alarm constantly ringing above their head reminding them to be motivated and devoted to their cause. The day this need of reminding ends and the youth finally wakes up united, unprovoked and determined to make India great again, my speech, my wake-up call to youth will be complete.

With a hope that you’ll end what I started, I giving rest to my voice with under a final note that I’ve met dozens like me and I want each of them to be unique.


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