I’ve always enjoyed the works of @authoramish and ¶¶#Sita:The warrior of Mithila ¶¶ is my favorite one! . Since his Shiva series, he has shown an impressive grip over the mythological stories. And the way he’s turning all of those already legendary stories to simpler ones with relatable storytelling is something that we’ve longed for. . The work he’s creating is not only creative and unique but also a great support to the stories of historical and cultural importance which otherwise who be forgotten without the updates he’s giving, one day or the other. And I would love to see him doing the same for the rest of his life! . ¶If you haven’t yet got hands over any of his book, I suggest you should try the first book of the #Ramayana Series (The Scion of Ikshvaku) which was released before Sita. . ¶¶ Which is your favorite #Mythological story?

from Instagram: http://ift.tt/2izAReZ

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