#TheBoyWhoLoved by #DurjoyDutta || Book Review . . First of all, this story has some really smart plot twist and the questions like what happens to Bhouji are just adding to the story’s impact. . Next, the way the cover matched with the endings of most chapters (finding the best building) is really admirable. . I also liked how greatly each character is described. It was really easy to connect with them like I actually knew them and so was to relate to the stuff they were going through. . The favorite part for me was its ending where unlike other books it didn’t turn out good and it also had a cliffhanger just like death itself. (Don’t we just die in the middle of a story, in a mid senten…) . Leaving the storyline aside, how he dedicated this great book to his beloved. And the title of the book couldn’t be more perfect as it was all about how much Raghu valued love. . Overall, I just loved what I read and I will recommend it to everyone who is reading this. I anyhow envy the author for being so good. . . I finished reading its sequel last night and thought before reviewing it, I must review the first book in the series @durjoydatta

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