#InsideTheHeartofHope by @officialrishabhpuri || Book Review . First of all, a big thanks to @bookfever.official team for the book ♥ . ¶ . With a hope of finding new gold in the evergreen treasure of books and writers, I recently read Inside the Heart of Hope by Rishabh Puri and today, here I’m with an honest and spoiler-free review for you all. . ¶¶About the Author: Rishabh is an Indian business investor, entrepreneur, author and the executive director of Global Sterling Products Limited who was born in Chandigarh and raised in Nigeria. . ¶¶ Plot: It has got a brilliant plot of affection, fellowship, and inspirations. “Where there is trust there is life”, the story spins around this main idea. Also, the language in which the story is described is pretty relatable and easy to get interested in. The story was narrated as the first person and was all around kept up all through the book. And the characters were developed equally well as the story moved along. . ¶¶ Why was it good? The story was shorter than usual novels I read but after finishing this I had a satisfaction that everything in it had proven its significance. . I felt a quick connection being set up with the characters and the writing style of the author which don’t usually happen and is an impressive quality of this novel. I also love the fact about how such heart-breaking incidents from this story and lead to a motivating and aw-struck entitlement. . There was a constant building up of suspense in one way or another which at a time felt too much but was taken care of within a few pages. . ¶¶ Conclusion . 3.5 Stars out of 5! Give it a try if you are looking for an inspirational, emotionally full, short and touching story. .. . .. 😍

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