What is Theory Of Mankind?

Theory Of Mankind is a project started to inspire & present people by Ideas that they have never thought, by Concepts they have never heard and by Mysteries they have never researched. From Humanity to the Politics, it will cover the widest range of unique and common subjects, and with every new topic, you will see vision widening, new doors opening and new Ideas developing.

How is it different?

There are many scientific or philosophical blog out there, but ToM is different from them:

  • No other blog will teach & inspire you about Humanity, Science & Philosophy all at one place like us.
  • All of our work is based on our real experiments, researches, and studies. We check & experiment every Idea and concept before presenting it to our audience.
  • We are creating a team of different people, all from a unique field of study, but with a single aim of development of Humanity. And every article has the  name & info of the Thinker linked with it.
  • We allow everyone to join our team of thinker, everyone means no restriction of Age, county or thoughts, you just need to be a Human with some humanity.
  • We are huge fans of many great people and we don’t hide it. We love Dr.APJ Abdul KalamNeil deGrasse Tyson, Jason Silva, Andrew Mayne, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Stephen Hawkings, Brian BrushwoodKailash SatyarthiMr.BeanTrace Dominguez, GrootBear Grylls and a countless number of other people.

Why is it a Blog, not a website?

Well, this is the matter of Money. We have the tons of Ideas, but a quarter of the money that is used in all the experiments and researches. So, at there’s nothing left to pay for that domain name. Also, we need food to live, so there is no chance for it until with your help, we get 1000s of views every day and then we can do something. And if you are the person of a wide pocket and the widest heart, you can also Donate us some pennies.

Still have any questions left? Let us know in the comments or you can directly contact us using the Contact section.

Thanks for visiting! We wish for your Happier life. 🙂


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