Ram Rahim Singh Not Insa | The Walk of Gods

Ram, Rahim and, Sat Guru planned a visit to the nation of their desires and greet the people supposed to continue their heritage and live up to the rules and morals based by them.

“They’re finally understanding my verdicts and have abandoned the things as I hoped they would,” said Rahim.

“Yeah, they’re finally on the way to give the female equal rights and power.” added Ram.

“That’s alright but’s what up with those posters and echoes of the names of all three of us one after another?” asked Sat

The chants of “Ram, Rahim, Singh Insan (human)” grew louder as people in group of thousands approved the road they were standing on. It was the noon of 25th August. The worst day they could have chosen to visit India. Sat wanted to first show them the land of the five rivers, Punjab where he once lived and chanted. Continue reading →


Shah Rukh Khan’s Ted Talk | King Beyond Bollywood


“I sell dreams, and I peddle love to millions of people,” expressed Shah Rukh is his out of way performance.

Titled as “Thoughts on humanity, fame, and love”, Shah Rukh Khan, the king khan of Bollywood’s first ever Ted talk went online this week and it was as magnificent as the Khan himself. More than anything, it was a big surprise for the population of the Internet as the stage of Ted is famous for talks given by prestigious writers, saviors and the scientists of the world and having such a big actor there was something Ted don’t usually perform. TED stands for technology, entertainment, and design. The organization get their speakers to perform talks which last 18 minutes or less. Continue reading →

The Real Mard

MARD. A poem by Javed Akhtar.

Jiski aankhon mein hai jagmagati hui jaise gehri sharaafat ki ik roshni
Jis ke andaz mein ek tehzeeb hai
Jis ke lehjay mein narmi hai
shabdon mein tameez hai
Jis ke dil mein bhi aur jis ki baton mein bhi
aurat ke vastay poori izzat bhi hai poora aadar bhi hai
Jis ko aurat ke tan man ka, jeevan ka sammaan hai
Aurat ke aatm-sammaan ka jisko har ek pal dhyaan hai
Jo kabhi ek pal bhi nahin bhoolta aurat insaan hai
Jis ko apni bhi pehchaan hai
Jis mein shakti bhi hai
Jis mein himmat bhi hai
Jismein Gaurav hai, aatm-Vishwas hai
Jo agar saath hai
Jo agar paas hai
Uske hone se aurat ko apni suraksha ka ehsaas hai
Wo jo aurat ka ek sacha saathi hai, Ik dost hai, Ek hamdard hai
Sach Toh ye hai
vohi mard hain

This Dead Lady has Something for all the Living People to Learn!

Heather McManamy wanted to share something about life with the world that she did with the help of her loving husband Jeff McManamy. So here are the original words of Heather (R.I.P) that have a lesson for everyone alive:

Love, Around the World! | Episode 2

With a hope that you enjoyed the 1st episode of the series, I am back with another love story from another part of the World. Today, I will be presenting you, The story of Donnie Leeser:

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Love, around the World! | Introduction

Today, we are starting our new article series: “Love, Around the World“. And in this 2-week project, we will be sharing some great real-life user submitted love stories with our audience. And before you head towards reading the series’ first episode, here are the results of a poll that we conducted last week. We simply asked people from G+, if they had a successful love story.- Continue reading →

Love, Around the World! |Episode 1

As promised, I am here with the series of Real Love stories that people from all over the globe has shared with ToM. And today, in this first episode, I am going to present you the story of Shaylee Hall, engaged to Beau Walker and mother of a beautiful baby girl named Kotarah, that her mother call Bubba. It’s such a cute name, but more cute & loveable is her mother’s story. So, here’s it- Continue reading →