What makes an Idea great?

 Is it its uniqueness, its practicality or its power? According to me, the greatness of an Idea can be measured by the challenges it has to overcome. In other words, an idea isn’t good if no one want to challenge it.

And people (smart people) only challenge those ideas which have something in them. The only ideas that are challenged are the ones which can create the history of the future. The idea that was once thought about 30 years ago by a patient of Dyslexia (learning disorder) about a box of wires that can accompany us in most of our daily tasks sounded way stupid to people and was challenged, of course a hundred times by a million people, but created history when overcoming these challenges, this idea gave birth to first ever Mac computer launched by the Dyslexic man, Steve Jobs.

Actually, these challenges are designed to help our ideas to improve & develop. They are like our reminders for the minor parts that our ideas need to run but are missing them. An idea’s existence depends on 3 main ingredients i.e. passion, hard work and opposition. 2 of these (hard work and passion) automatically increase when we try to reduce the third one.

This whole challenge thing may work perfectly, but we don’t have many examples in real life to prove it. The reason behind this is the lack of braveness and power of acceptance. We need to be brave enough to accept a criticism, examine it and then learn from it. But we do exactly opposite, we choose to deny every criticism, curse it and run from it. This needs to be stopped right now only then the good ideas can survive.

So, how many challenges does your big idea have? Tell me in the comments. Don’t forget to like, share & subscribe for more stuff like this. And follow us on Facebook to keep yourself updated by all our work.

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Grammarly: The Life Saving Tool for Bloggers and Writers

Being a non-native English speaker makes people like me cautious of grammar and spelling when writing anything in English. So today I’m going to share a bit about the friend who saved me from this problem. The program is called Grammarly, I immediately decided to give it a go when I found out about it. Continue reading →

What do you wanna be at 16?

I hope I’m not the only one who felt dizzy when someone asked me about what I wanna be when I grew up. Actually, it’s not that I don’t have an answer, but the fear of being judged is what makes me or all of us uncomfortable which is completely normal. Leaving the topic of fear for some other day, let’s talk about the right question today.

That right question, according to me is what do you want to be at the age of 16, 10 or whatever, because we all know at a point that life isn’t rigid and along the time, our choice change, our mind and our aims change too. When I was younger I always wanted to be a cartoonist, but I am not (not yet), not because I wasn’t good at it but because my choices, my priority changed. I will just advise you to focus on the nearest goals that you want to achieve in your near future because it’s just life and you never know what is coming. So, rather than focusing on one big thing and fail at a level from where you can’t get up, try focusing on the small thing that makes that big thing and failing a little at every step, but continue moving towards that BIG goal.

Other than making yourself comfortable with discussing your goals or plans, this should also help in making them real. And when we will ask our children questions like this, we will help them think about their dreams more practically and more vividly, eventually leading them to dream better and learning from them, how to make it come true.

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What’s my way of gaining inner peace? | It’s more effective than meditation!

If you are thinking that I will present some other weird meditation technique then you are completely wrong. Because my perspective of the technique used to gain inner peace is completely different. People say you should meditate by staring at a candle or completely closing you eyes in a silent room, emptying your mind (It sound hilarious actually) and don’t think about anything, but I don’t think that spending 2 hours in front of candle can provide you some peace.

So, what’s my technique?

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What is the best way to grow up?

This question was asked by one of our readers and as a teen it always teases her. And here’s how I do it without actually killing the inner child. Continue reading →

How was your Religion made? | ToM Questions

Hello everyone, Do you all have religion? Oh, what am I asking, everyone do. But, have you ever thought how these religions, these beliefs or these practices were formed? Were they natural, I don’t think so. So, today we will discuss this highly ignored and controversial topic:

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What is life? – Neil de Tyson

One of my ideals, Neil de Tyson answered this popular question that What exactly is life? This question was asked by a Six-year-old during a public questioning event. So, here is the original answer that he gave-

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