What makes an Idea great?

 Is it its uniqueness, its practicality or its power? According to me, the greatness of an Idea can be measured by the challenges it has to overcome. In other words, an idea isn’t good if no one want to challenge it.

And people (smart people) only challenge those ideas which have something in them. The only ideas that are challenged are the ones which can create the history of the future. The idea that was once thought about 30 years ago by a patient of Dyslexia (learning disorder) about a box of wires that can accompany us in most of our daily tasks sounded way stupid to people and was challenged, of course a hundred times by a million people, but created history when overcoming these challenges, this idea gave birth to first ever Mac computer launched by the Dyslexic man, Steve Jobs.

Actually, these challenges are designed to help our ideas to improve & develop. They are like our reminders for the minor parts that our ideas need to run but are missing them. An idea’s existence depends on 3 main ingredients i.e. passion, hard work and opposition. 2 of these (hard work and passion) automatically increase when we try to reduce the third one.

This whole challenge thing may work perfectly, but we don’t have many examples in real life to prove it. The reason behind this is the lack of braveness and power of acceptance. We need to be brave enough to accept a criticism, examine it and then learn from it. But we do exactly opposite, we choose to deny every criticism, curse it and run from it. This needs to be stopped right now only then the good ideas can survive.

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Grammarly: The Life Saving Tool for Bloggers and Writers

Being a non-native English speaker makes people like me cautious of grammar and spelling when writing anything in English. So today I’m going to share a bit about the friend who saved me from this problem. The program is called Grammarly, I immediately decided to give it a go when I found out about it. Continue reading →


Once there was a girl

Who plucked a rose from her garden every time she started loving someone

As though they were tiny parts of her heart

One for the little kid with his red ball and kites

One for the old lady who lived down the lane

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The Real Mard

MARD. A poem by Javed Akhtar.

Jiski aankhon mein hai jagmagati hui jaise gehri sharaafat ki ik roshni
Jis ke andaz mein ek tehzeeb hai
Jis ke lehjay mein narmi hai
shabdon mein tameez hai
Jis ke dil mein bhi aur jis ki baton mein bhi
aurat ke vastay poori izzat bhi hai poora aadar bhi hai
Jis ko aurat ke tan man ka, jeevan ka sammaan hai
Aurat ke aatm-sammaan ka jisko har ek pal dhyaan hai
Jo kabhi ek pal bhi nahin bhoolta aurat insaan hai
Jis ko apni bhi pehchaan hai
Jis mein shakti bhi hai
Jis mein himmat bhi hai
Jismein Gaurav hai, aatm-Vishwas hai
Jo agar saath hai
Jo agar paas hai
Uske hone se aurat ko apni suraksha ka ehsaas hai
Wo jo aurat ka ek sacha saathi hai, Ik dost hai, Ek hamdard hai
Sach Toh ye hai
vohi mard hain

The Secret Formula to a Perfect Life.

We’re taught to work and study hard since our childhood for a better tomorrow, but I feel that it’s the time for me at least, to stop and reflect how it works and if it’s the right way to live.

People around the globe, most of them, think it’s worth their while to work hard today for wealthy years of retirement in distant future. But is the ability to have fun received in the age when one can’t barely walk by himself is worth it? These people usually end up losing joyful stuff to only realize that good times aren’t ever materialized.

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Yes! I am crazy and you should be too | Here’s why!

On the scale of 10, how will you rate your craziness? Mine is the mountain gorilla because for me, it’s the stage of living with super powers and who don’t need them? Continue reading →