Once there was a girl

Who plucked a rose from her garden every time she started loving someone

As though they were tiny parts of her heart

One for the little kid with his red ball and kites

One for the old lady who lived down the lane

One for her best friend whom she had planned a sleepover with Continue reading →


Just Friends: A love story

Kristen is the one, she’s always been the one, but even after 6 years of friendship, I was unable to tell her about my feelings. We spent a lot of time together, just the two of us playing video games, watching movies and doing anything and everything that two best friends would do together. “Friends”, that’s all and only name for the love that I have been hiding from her since we were 12. And now she was going far away from her parents, friends and me for her further studies. All I knew was I still couldn’t tell her how I felt, the fear of rejection was somehow more powerful than love. It’s not only that I want to be in a relationship with her, but even sometimes other people including our mutual friends and two of her cousins had asked if we were into something and “just friends” was the pet reply of ours. Continue reading →

Who Do We Fall In Love With?

Just whenever I start to write about topics like love, life & happiness, her face pops us into my mind from nowhere which made me think that why she’s the one and no one else. In a population of about 8 million why all of us only fall in love with only a single person whose place no one else can ever take. Continue reading →

Quote #15: Share the Love!

1. Read more books2. Get a new hobby3. Try Ghost Busting!4. Be more creative (1)

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Love, Around the World! |Episode 1

As promised, I am here with the series of Real Love stories that people from all over the globe has shared with ToM. And today, in this first episode, I am going to present you the story of Shaylee Hall, engaged to Beau Walker and mother of a beautiful baby girl named Kotarah, that her mother call Bubba. It’s such a cute name, but more cute & loveable is her mother’s story. So, here’s it- Continue reading →