You must always Love your Parents


All of us are brought to this world literally, by our parents how then take it upon themselves to make up able to stand tall and face the world and live a life worth living. From my very childhood, my mother had taught me how all of us must always love and respect our parents no matter what the world says. I always trusted the statement like a sacred oath. She taught this to me whenever she could until she was no longer there for me. I was 9 then. I was also the only child. I had the best parents but after my mom left there was no one to keep intact my father’s drinking problem. He told me that he loved me the same. His loving daughter reminded him of my mother, he claimed. Continue reading →



You were in love with a boy 

His love was like the beginning and the end of everything 

He bled sunshine and you saw him as the brightest thing in the room 

He made your heart stink into your stomach everytime he said goodbye 

He was golden although you faded into amber;

You were nothing compared to him 

And here’s the best part 

You loved him more than your life.

You jumped into the wells of his eyes as though they were beds of roses

Oh, little did you know 

That there were monsters swimming just below the surface 

That the dustiest attics of his minds were filled with ghosts 

He was drowning in the lake of his dark miseries; 

He was pulling himself apart at the seams 


With trembling fingers, you tried to sew him back 

You offered your shaking hand to pull him back up to the surface 

You did everything just so he could have hid first breath after the long dive 

Darling, how didn’t you realise?

He never wanted to be saved 

And even less, never by your hand 

But here’s the worst-

You still loved him so much more than your own life.  


Once there was a girl

Who plucked a rose from her garden every time she started loving someone

As though they were tiny parts of her heart

One for the little kid with his red ball and kites

One for the old lady who lived down the lane

One for her best friend whom she had planned a sleepover with Continue reading →

Just Friends: A love story

Kristen is the one, she’s always been the one, but even after 6 years of friendship, I was unable to tell her about my feelings. We spent a lot of time together, just the two of us playing video games, watching movies and doing anything and everything that two best friends would do together. “Friends”, that’s all and only name for the love that I have been hiding from her since we were 12. And now she was going far away from her parents, friends and me for her further studies. All I knew was I still couldn’t tell her how I felt, the fear of rejection was somehow more powerful than love. It’s not only that I want to be in a relationship with her, but even sometimes other people including our mutual friends and two of her cousins had asked if we were into something and “just friends” was the pet reply of ours. Continue reading →

This Dead Lady has Something for all the Living People to Learn!

Heather McManamy wanted to share something about life with the world that she did with the help of her loving husband Jeff McManamy. So here are the original words of Heather (R.I.P) that have a lesson for everyone alive:

I Don’t Need a Reason to be Good with You | Here’s Why!

Which day will you consider the most memorable day of your life? Mine is the day when for the first time, I saw her and everything around me slowed down. From that day to today, we have travelled a long path, hand in hand. She’s that crazy creature that one keeps looking for his whole life, but I guess I am lucky. Sometimes we sit together when she asks me the questions, questions that are from the other world whose answers are many times sources of my inspiration. Just another day she asked me why do I care for her? It’s like asking the sun, why do you shine? I was like, it’s my duty. Continue reading →

Who Do We Fall In Love With?

Just whenever I start to write about topics like love, life & happiness, her face pops us into my mind from nowhere which made me think that why she’s the one and no one else. In a population of about 8 million why all of us only fall in love with only a single person whose place no one else can ever take. Continue reading →